Enjoy Lasting Benefits Immediately with Solar Power

Solar panels come with numerous benefits, some more obvious than others. We all know how beneficial converting to solar energy is for the Earth’s health. But switching to solar power also offers other benefits that include:

Control over your energy bill

Lower overall energy costs

Tax deductions and government incentives

The team at Volta Solar Energy will provide a free consultation, during which we’ll determine the best possible solar panel or shingle layout for your home so you can maximize the amount of solar energy you generate and lower your energy costs.


Energy Credits and Tax Exemptions for Solar Property Owners

There are numerous tax breaks and incentives to home and business owners who switch to solar power. These include Solar Renewable Energy Credits, which will help your solar system pay for itself. 

30% Federal Tax Credit

Local State Incentives

Property Tax Exemptions

Increase Property Value

Stops Electric Inflation

Save Thousands


Save the Planet

Renewable Energy

Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun, a renewable resource that will continue to provide energy for billions of years. By switching to solar, we reduce dependence on finite fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Reduce greenhouse gas

Traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burned for electricity. Solar energy production emits zero greenhouse gases, helping to mitigate global warming and air pollution.

improve air quality

Solar energy generation doesn’t produce air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or particulate matter, which are known to contribute to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Transitioning to solar power improves the air quality in our communities, promoting better health and well-being.

water conservation

Traditional power plants require significant amounts of water for cooling purposes, contributing to water scarcity in some regions. Solar energy production consumes minimal water, thus helping to conserve this precious resource and protect aquatic ecosystems.

reduce land disruption

Solar panels can be installed on rooftops, unused land, or built into existing infrastructure, minimizing the need for large-scale land clearing. This approach helps preserve natural habitats and prevents the loss of biodiversity caused by extensive land development.

sustainable development

Solar power promotes sustainable development by providing access to clean and affordable energy. It enables remote and underdeveloped areas to electrify without relying on expensive and polluting diesel generators, thereby fostering economic growth while minimizing environmental impact.

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