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Common FAQ’s

We caution all of our clients against interfering with the system in any way. Please give us a call right away if you think there is a problem with your system so we can send one of our professionals to your house. You run the risk of having your warranty revoked if you open the electrical boxes or inverter.

The customer portal with your loan provider will always be your greatest source for all loan-related information. If necessary, we’d be pleased to provide your login information again. You can ask for it by calling (816) 280-6074 or sending an email to

Your lender is the best person to contact with any inquiries you may have regarding the financing of your solar energy installation. Direct access to their contact details is available through your online customer portal.

Please get in touch with our support staff via phone at (816) 280-6074 or email at We’ll  respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, and if your system needs upkeep or repairs, we’ll send a professional technician.

Once your system is operational, you will receive your tax documentation via email from Call us at (816) 280-6074 if you’re having trouble finding the documents.

The new owner of your house must provide a proof of sale to along with their name, contact information, and email address. In order to assist you sell your house more successfully, we will also create a report!

You may count on our customer operations team to assist you with this. They can be reached at (816) 280-6074.

Refer a Friend: For each person you recommend who signs up for solar with us, we give you a referral bonus. There is no cap on the amount of recommendations you can make, and for each one who elects to go solar with Volta Solar Energy, you will receive a check for at least $500.

Your system is connected to your home for best efficiency, which is why your production level in these two locations differs. Your solar panels will send the energy they generate during the day directly into your house, where it will be utilised. This implies that the electricity from your panels will go directly into your home to augment your consumption during the times when you are both producing and consuming power. Because of this, your utility provider is not informed about the power that entered your home directly from the electrical grid.

This is dependent on your insurance company, please check with your insurance company for more details. Some insurance companies offer discounts for installing solar on your home while other will raise your dwelling coverage to cover the system replacement in case of fire, typically about $100 per year. If your insurance company is wanting to raise your coverage we can offer assistance.

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