Commercial Solar Financing

$0 Up-Front Cost

We believe in making the transition to solar energy as accessible as possible for commercial businesses. That’s why we offer a $0 up-front cost option, allowing businesses to install solar systems without any initial financial burden and start enjoying the cost savings and environmental benefits from day one.

Loan Transferability

At Volta Solar Energy, we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to commercial solar loans. That’s why we offer the option to transfer the loan to the new property owner, providing a seamless transition and ensuring the continued benefits of solar energy for businesses even after a property sale.

Lending to Renters

Borrower may be renter, but will be required to have landlord consent and >80% of loan term on their
lease (e.g. a 5 year loan term would require at least 4 years left on lease)

Lending to Nonprofits

We will lend to non-profits that meet our underwriting criteria, especially those taking advantage of the Direct Pay provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.


You may re-amortize your loan up to twice a year with no penalty, provided that payment is >10% of original principal of loan. This gives you the flexibility to control your monthly cash flow better!

30-50% TAx Credit

Business owners can take advantage of a significant financial benefit through a 30-50% tax credit when investing in solar energy systems, reducing the overall cost of installation. Furthermore, these tax credits can be sold if the business owner is unable to fully utilize them, while the solar system itself can be depreciated, offering additional financial advantages over time.

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Solar panel locations

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